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Plazaj is committed to providing a safe, diverse and inclusive work environment. Having a team that offers different ideas and perspectives leads to better (and more creative!) problem-solving. Transparency is key to the success of our business. We hold weekly meetings to inform the company of progress on various projects, as well as monthly “Hurdle Chats” to provide updates on the business as a whole. All employees are encouraged to regularly share their opinions on how we can improve our product and our workplace.

While our individual needs and wants may vary, we maintain respect for each other. We believe there is no victory in proving our users or our coworkers wrong, and hate, intolerance, and discrimination have no place here. With a wide variety of backgrounds and skills, our team thrives on having the opportunity to grow and learn something new from each other every day. And grow, we do! Employees at Plazaj have moved from roles like Customer Support Agent or Marketing Coordinator into positions such as Office Manager, Content & Design Specialist, QA Specialist, and more.

Generous Paid Vacation - Life at Plazaj includes lots of time to unwind and recharge. Our team enjoys abundant vacation time, paid holidays, and two weeks off at the end of December.

Catered Lunches & Full Kitchen - Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch? We serve delicious, healthy, free meals to the whole team twice a week. We also have a fully stocked kitchen with a variety of snacks.

Competitive compensation - hire extraordinary people and we compensate them accordingly. We've done the research. You'll earn more with our competitive salary and benefit package

Send your updated resume to careers@plazaj.com. We will match your skills with the current job openings available at the moment.